About this blog

Running out of time

I have been a keen runner for several decades. For so long, that I am beginning to run out of race age categories. I am increasingly aware that although I have several decades of running behind me, I’m running out of time.

Although I hail from north Kent, most of my running has been in Sussex. In particular this has been in the downs around Lewes of which I am quite fond in a manly sort of way. This blog is to share with runners – and others – some of the great runs you can have around this part of the Downs (and the Ouse valley). Of course you don’t have to run them – but life is short!

There are two different sets of route details. Running routes documents the routes that I and other Lewes runners have favoured over the years. The focus here is on the physical attributes of the paths such as where they go, how long they are and the amount of climbing they involve.

You cannot be too long among the downs without thinking about the long existence they have had before your brief passing through. So there will be also be annotated routes with some snippets about the history and other matters of interest relating to a particular route.

There is also a general blog which focuses on the sort of running matters that you might chat about on a run (when we are allowed to do that again).

Sometimes when the running of the downs is going well and you become aware of the timelessness of your surroundings, you can feel that you are running outside of time.